Fridays & Sundays open 4PM

 Saturdays open at Noon

Craft Cocktails & Cuisine

Located in The Walk at Harbor Square
30 Beers on Draft | Craft Cocktails | Caribbean Style Cuisine

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Rum Row

Was a Prohibition-era (1920-1933) term/place. Referring to a line of ships loaded with liquor anchored beyond the maritime limit of the United States. These ships taunted the Eighteenth Amendment’s prohibition on alcohol. The bootleggers carried the Rum and other liquors from the Islands in the Caribbean to Rum Row. 12 miles out off the shores of New Jersey, where it was sold to Rum Runners in their various vessels. All the while attempting to dodge or outrun the Coast Guard on the way back to the docks


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The Watering Hull

Head upstairs to our sister restaurant for a friendly, laid back vibe that serves authentic Caribbean/Atlantic inspired seafood & cocktails.

96 Fathoms

Just next door, build your own Poke Bowls and Poke Salads! Make the perfect mix of fresh veggies, rice, raw fish and toppings for the ultimate taste of Hawaii!